Enjoy More Memorable Date Nights

Date Night Ideas for Parents

Date Night Ideas for Parents

Because Parents Deserve Date Night, too!

Parent Better When You “Spouse” a Little Better…

We get it. We’re parents, too! As parents, we want to give 100% to our kids.

But how can you be great parents when you two don’t have time to be great spouses?

The solution?

Make the time. Take care of each other. Keep dating each other. Work on You (Two).

That’s where Date Nights come in.

Your Date Nights are a scheduled time on your calendar just for you two. No kids. No shop talk. Just you two.

Remember when you were first dating, how the hours could go by as you gazed into each other’s eyes? It didn’t matter what you two were doing so long as you were together.

It’s time to Bring Date Night Back, but oh, what to do? And…

What About the Kids?

“What about the kids”, you ask? “Who’s going to watch them?” you wonder?

Great question. It boils down to four kid solutions:

Stay In

The “easiest” option is to enjoy a Date Night In once the kids are in bed. Plenty of our Date Night Ideas are perfect for enjoying from the comfort of home.

Get a Sitter

The most common (and expensive) solution for parents on date night is to hire a sitter. Since date night is usually somewhere near bedtime anyway, consider negotiating a better rate for watching sleeping kids.

Drop ’em Off

Drop your kids off with family or friends for a slumber party while you two enjoy a night out. Or, find another couple with kiddos that also want a date night. Drop your kids off there once a week… and watch their kids at your house once a week!

Take ’em With

Take your kids with you on Date Night? It’s not the best plan, but it can work in a pinch for the right date night plan. And if the kids are little enough, there’s often nothing wrong with having a carseat next to you two during date night!

Now that you have the kids sorted, what’s your plan for date night? Without further ado, let us suggest a few ideas…

Latest Date Night Ideas for Parents

Get Inspired. Date Nightly

Escape Room Date Night

The timer starts ticking down from sixty minutes and you immediately feel an adrenaline rush. Will you make it out of this escape room before the clock reaches zero? You rush around and begin to make sense of hidden clues and riddles. Escape rooms may be a fad that...
Tourist Date Night

Tourist Date Night

Hey, tourist, we’ve got a prediction for your next date night, and we think it’s pretty accurate. You’re strolling downtown at dusk, hand-in-hand with your partner. You’ve walked this block many times, but never noticed one of the restaurants across the way. The two...

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Date Morning

Date Morning

So we always share ideas for date night, but what about a date morning? You wake up to the sunlight streaming through your bedroom windows. You stretch as you look next to you at your partner still sleeping. You smile subconsciously knowing you get to wake up every...

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