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Escape Room Date Night

Escape Room Date Night

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The timer starts ticking down from sixty minutes and you immediately feel an adrenaline rush. Will you make it out of this escape room before the clock reaches zero? You rush around and begin to make sense of hidden clues and riddles.

Escape rooms may be a fad that will come and go, or they may be around for a while. Either way, this NEEDS to be on your list of date night to-do’s.

From teamwork to excitement, this date night has it all – and then some!

The Premise of an Escape Room

Escape rooms are popping up everywhere. Some are in permanent locations while others are traveling rooms that stop at events and festivals. The idea is that you have a set amount of time (usually an hour) to “escape” by finding clues and solving riddles.

Themes range from spy to Harry Potter to murder mystery.

There may be books on the shelves – do any house a code to solve?

The clock on the wall is stopped at 3:14, could that mean something?

There’s a safe in the corner, but no key. Could it be hidden under one of the many mysterious objects lying around the room?

In this game, everything has a meaning and you leave nothing to chance. If you solve all the clues and escape before the timer runs out, congratulations! If not, then you have to face the consequences of your actions (insert evil laugh here) and Harry dies. Just kidding. JUST. KIDDING!

What to Expect

Even though you know it’s not real, escape rooms can be scary so be prepared. Sociologist Margee Kerr believes life is about “looking behind the curtain, lifting up stones, and not being afraid to venture into the unknown.” Her research has shown that the right amount of stress (as it relates to fear) increases performance.

This is a great opportunity to see how you and your spouse work together under pressure. Keep in mind that you may also be working with others as most Escape Rooms have groups of 8-12 go through each round.

If you’re not down for working with strangers, consider getting a group of friends together. You might also reserve a private a game for just the two of you to make your Escape Room date night more special.

How to Level Up

This can be a pretty intense date night depending on the themes available in your area…but there’s always room to up the ante. You’ll most likely have to leave your cell phone and other belongings at the door, but you can still dress up! Once you know what the theme is, dress accordingly. Really get into character together and have fun getting ready for your date.

Turn your evening together into an Escape Room date night marathon if you have more than one in your town. Take what you learned from one and apply your knowledge as you go. See if you improve and consider yourselves Escape Room pros.

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