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Easy DIY 5 Course Dinner Date Night – From Home!

Imagine your home filling with the smell of delicious seasonings as you turn mere ingredients into a culinary masterpiece. There are pans simmering and steaming as flavors melt together. In the oven there’s bread warming. A decadent dessert is chilling in the fridge...

Scavenger Hunt

Want inspiration for a fun, adventurous night on the town? Skip the same ol’ dinner-and-a-movie date night that you’re used to and trade it for a couple’s scavenger hunt. With these scavenger hunt date night ideas, you can reconnect in the fun and carefree way that...

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Date Night for a Cause

A typical date night doesn't have to contain food, drinks, and stilted dialogue as you two try to remember how to be romantic and connected. Imagine, instead, that you’re holding a specialty cocktail, something containing Elderflower liqueur or jalapeno-infused...

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DIY Spa Night In

Close your eyes and imagine that you are soaking in a bubble bath with the person you love most in this world... The lights are turned down low and the shadows from candles are flickering on the walls... You’re both sipping on wine as you spend an evening...

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Picnic in the Park

For a romantic, outdoorsy, and darn near free Date Night out, pack up a picnic and whisk your date off for a surprise date night at a local park. Kick off your shoes, cozy onto a blanket, and enjoy a bountiful spread and a bottle of wine together as you watch the...

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Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Delicious, sinful, indulgent, yes, but when was the last time you made chocolate? Or enjoyed a proper chocolate flight? Or savored a chocolate and wine pairing? Chocolate has been described as being "more than a food, less than a drug"...

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