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Tourist Date Night

Tourist Date Night

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Hey, tourist, we’ve got a prediction for your next date night, and we think it’s pretty accurate. You’re strolling downtown at dusk, hand-in-hand with your partner. You’ve walked this block many times, but never noticed one of the restaurants across the way. The two of you cross the street and duck inside, not knowing what to expect but excited for the adventure of trying something new…

If you’ve lived in the same city for a while, you may feel like you’ve seen it all… but you haven’t! No matter how big or small your town is, there’s always a new way to experience it – and date night is the perfect way to do so.

Chances are that you’ve either avoided the touristy spots in town or haven’t been in a while. With these tips, you can experience your city in a whole new way.

Do Your Research

Don’t assume that you know everything about your town – especially when it comes to tourist attractions. Do a quick search online for “Must See/Must Do” things in your town. Or search for “Hidden Gems” in your town.

Be sure to keep your eyes open for attractions AND restaurants. Half of the fun of being a tourist is to eat your way through town.

If there are special events or festivals going on, plan your date night around those!

As a tourist, enjoy local events for Date Night!

As a tourist, enjoy local events for Date Night!

If you’re like most people, events sneak up on you if you don’t plan ahead and you miss them. How many years have you been wanting to check out some local happening and it just hasn’t… happened? Now’s the time!

Make a Tourist Game Plan

If you were visiting a new place, this is exactly what you would do. If you live in a larger city with lots to do, narrow your options down to what looks most interesting. Choose one geographic area that has multiple attractions within walking distance. Figure out what the hours of operation are, plan your meals and try to pack in as much in as you can; just like you would if you’re on vacation.

And of course food should be at the top of your list!

One big meal? No time for that! Nibble here and there. Of course you have to taste test desserts at the hometown bakery. Grab a local brew at a swanky little bar. If you’ve already checked out all of the local restaurants, try ordering something different than your usual.

Go All In as a Tourist

It might be difficult, but pretend you don’t know anything about your town. Put your brain in tourist mode.

Are there tips online for what to order at a restaurant? Or maybe there’s a certain exhibit at your local museum that’s received great reviews. Be sure to check out those suggestions first.

Enjoy Local Sites as a Tourist for Date Night

Enjoy local sites like a tourist on Date Night

Want to make it even more fun?

Consider a little role-playing. Have some fun with your partner and create tourist alter-egos. Who knows, maybe your doppelganger dresses a little different than you do – a sexy dress for you and a nice button down shirt for him. (Date night shopping trip!!)

Create a secret code word to use if you feel like the two of you are slipping into being “yourselves” instead of a tourist couple. This will help to gently remind one another to not let life take over your fun date night.

You’ll have more fun on this date night if you’re able to let go and really BE a tourist. Try to let go of your preconceived ideas and past experiences. Challenge yourself to notice things you haven’t before and learn something new together.

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