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Creating a Time Capsule Together

Creating a Time Capsule Together

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Imagine if you could capture the sweet, funny, silly memories from each date night with your spouse. You could store them in a time capsule and look back on times shared whenever you wanted. Reminiscing about a special dinner would be that much sweeter.

Most of your date nights as a couple come and go without any real token to remember them by. With this date night time capsule idea, you’ll not only make memories that last forever, but you’ll capture those memories to save forever.

There are no rules for creating a time capsule on your date night. Decide on your “theme” for the evening, find a box, and get to it!

We’re highlighting some cool themes below to get your wheels turning.

Remember to have fun as you choose your items. The more random they are, the more fun they will be to “find” when you open your capsule.

Just Another Date Night

Go on a “regular” date night (maybe this one) and keep trinkets from your evening.

Take pictures together and keep a logo’d napkin or printout of some sort from your date night location.

Find some gumball machines and save a silly toy from one.

Pick a flower from nearby and dry it out to put in your capsule.

Stop by a photobooth and drop the photo strips in your time capsule.

Your Relationship Together

Collect pictures and meaningful items from around your house that you want to save from your life together. Treat this date night time capsule as one that encompasses your relationship. Maybe you’ve kept meaningful items over time – a first flower, a receipt from a date, etc.

Now is the time to gather those things together and organize them.

Something for Your Kids

Of course, date nights should be about the two of you and focusing on your relationship together. But, how cool would it be to share that love with your kids in a special way?!

Create a time capsule that they can open on a 16th or 18th birthday. You can include their artwork, a special toy they once loved but maybe have grown out of and letters from each of you.

Commemorate the Day/Month/Year

Pick up a newspaper, a magazine, a popular DVD, a movie ticket stub or an event program from something local. You can also save images, screenshots and videos on a USB drive and include them in your capsule.

Create a Future Date Night

What better way to spend an evening together than planning a future date night?

Treat yo’ self by including a gift card, movie tickets and other surprises. Or, include craft items to create something together. Write notes to one another and create quizzes for the other to fill out.

Sealing Your Time Capsule

Be sure to choose a sturdy box or container for your time capsule – preferably one that is airtight. You want to ensure your keepsakes are safe from moisture so there’s no damage.

Then, put an open date on the outside of the package. Open it one year from now, five years from now or even ten years from now. Creating a specific deadline will help you not to cheat and open it sooner than you intended.

Store the time capsule from your date night in a safe place and you’re done! Now you have something fun to look forward to in the future – a gift to yourselves.

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