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Date Night for a Cause

Date Night for a Cause

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A typical date night doesn’t have to contain food, drinks, and stilted dialogue as you two try to remember how to be romantic and connected.

Imagine, instead, that you’re holding a specialty cocktail, something containing Elderflower liqueur or jalapeno-infused tequila… Your partner holds a frothing ice cold craft beer… The two of you chat with fascinating people who care about the issues that you do.

You’re relaxed, shining. You’re bantering, flirting with your partner. You catch each other’s eyes in silent communion, reconnecting effortlessly. Surrounded by your people, yet it’s still the two of you.

You are the team you’ve always wanted to be.

For a date night like this, you’re looking for a charity night to support a good cause.

Maybe you’ll choose a gala, and dress like you’re going to a ball or masquerade. Maybe it’s a brewery tour with beer samples and karaoke. It doesn’t matter what form the date night takes, as long as it sounds fun for you and you like where your money is going.

Be prepared for speeches that will warm your heart and remind you that you’re a good person. And you are.

You didn’t have to choose this event. You could have gone out to dinner, or to the movies, or bowling. Instead, you’re here, and the charity honored will benefit from both your generosity and joie de vivre.

What the Experts Say about Donating to Good Causes

Giving back to your community is a seriously good idea. And, according to studies, you’re probably volunteering less of your time now that you’re married. Your charitable giving, however, may have increased. These factors are likely due to the demands of family and an increase of discretionary spending. If you don’t have time to roll up your sleeves… you may as well put your money where the fun is!

Besides, donating to charity will make you feel happy. Giving to others can stimulate the pleasure center of your brain, providing a “warm glow” feeling you can carry home with you. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter, is released into your brain and activates a feeling of reward and motivates you to seek out rewarding behavior. In the end, you’ll benefit from your own generosity, even if helping others is your top priority.

Of course, even if you really just wanted a shot at the karaoke mic, you’re still doing a good deed.

Date nights already feel like stolen time, sacred and special as they are. Remember, you’re not being selfish, not for spending time on your relationship, and not for shelling out your cash for a frivolous and/or extravagant charitable event. Those charities want you to be there. They’ve worked hard to make their cause visible and their event enticing. They are thankful you’ve noticed them… and so are those they are serving.

Where to Find Charity Events

To help make the world a better place, with love, beside your love, with money you were going to spend anyway, here are some easy ways to start:

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