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Movie Screening Night

Movie Screening Night

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Kick Movie Date Night up a notch by snagging free passes to a Movie Screening. Far more exciting than a half empty theater where you roll in just before the movie starts, a Movie Screening is an event unto itself.

Your time waiting in line together with the buzz of excitement from other guests all around you is a great time to catch up, theorize what’s going to happen in the movie, and let the excitement build.

Let the scents of fresh popped movie popcorn surround you as they open the doors and let you two in to find seats in a sold out theater full of chatter from fans who scored passes to a movie screening, too.

That’s right, you’re seeing the movie before it’s even out in theaters!

Find a Free Movie Screening

There are a number of sites where you can view upcoming free movie screenings and score your passes:

Wild About Movies lists upcoming screenings and lets you head off site to get your passes.

Many of the Wild About Movies listings send you on over to Gofobo to create an account and reserve your free tickets.

Advance Screenings is another aggregator site with listings to various advance movie screenings.

Lastly, if you’re Disney fans, and you somehow feel that a Disney movie constitute date night… head on over to SeeItFirst for Disney movie screenings.

Arriving Early

You’ll want to arrive 45-60 minutes before the movie start time as often the number of passes given out is more than the number of seats in a theater. Just like airlines overbook flights, the theaters do the same thing. Show up late, and you might not get a seat!

Make sure to bring your photo ID with you and a copy of your tickets as both of these are typically required.

After the Movie

After the movie, head on out for dessert and coffee to discuss the movie together and bask in the excitement that you not only got to the movies for free, but you got to see a movie before it was even released!

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