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DIY Spa Night In

DIY Spa Night In

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Close your eyes and imagine that you are soaking in a bubble bath with the person you love most in this world…

The lights are turned down low and the shadows from candles are flickering on the walls…
You’re both sipping on wine as you spend an evening reconnecting.

Between kids and work, sometimes it feels like you are ships passing in the night. You each wear so many different “hats” in life – but tonight you’re putting them all aside to be there only for each other. It’s been a long time since you’ve had a night like this, and you definitely deserve it!

Date night with your partner doesn’t mean spending a lot of money or even leaving the house.

In fact, date night in may be just what the doctor ordered for your marriage. Level up on your relationship this winter and take your physical affection beyond hugs and kisses. Pamper each other with these ideas for a DIY spa night.

Prepare in Advance for Spa Night

Plan ahead and get everything ready before you begin your spa night together. Cook dinner and keep it warm on the stove or order out. And don’t worry about doing dishes or cleaning up as you go. The chores will still be there tomorrow!

Plan out spa “stations” with supplies for each activity you want to do. Then, inventory your cabinets to make sure you have the things you need. Set up the stations before you begin your evening so you can easily transition from one activity to another.

Nothing kills the flow of your evening like digging through cabinets for that one favorite bottle of lotion. By preparing for your spa night ahead of time, you can maximize your time together.

Set the Spa Night Mood

For the best and most relaxing experience, engage all of your senses.

  • Say no to screens. It’s too easy to get sucked into a favorite show or scrolling through your social media feed. Put your phones away and turn off the TV to eliminate distractions.
  • Opt for romantic lighting. Turn off the fluorescent bulbs and light some candles. There’s just something magical about seeing the lights gently dancing on the walls. We promise this will set the tone for the rest of your evening!
  • Take a deep breath. Burn incense or diffuse essential oils. Choose sensual scents like rose, cedarwood, jasmine or lavender.
  • Treat yourself. Prepare your favorite snacks and drinks – the more indulgent, the better. If you splurge on anything for the evening, let it be the snacks and wine!
  • Stay cozy. Warm your robes or towels in the dryer. Turn on your fireplace or a space heater so you can relax without bundling up to stay warm.
  • Press play. Turn on some classical music or jazz. Set the volume on low and sway to the beat. If you’re not feeling music, turn on a fan for white noise

Take a break from the usual fast-pace of life and slow down. Focus on one sense at a time as you wind down into your evening.

Customize Your Evening

Spa night doesn’t mean you both have to do the same things. Create a spa night menu with pampering activities that you each enjoy the most:

  • Soak in the bath. Sprinkle in some Epsom salt to detoxify. Create a DIY sugar scrub with equal parts sugar and coconut oil for a relaxing start to your evening. Then sip on wine and chat about what you want to do next.
  • Apply a facial. Use face washes and masks you already have or pick one up at the drugstore. Instead of applying the mask to yourself, take turns pampering one another.
  • Enjoy a mani/pedi. For your guy it can be as simple as shaping and buffing his nails – we promise he’ll love it! Have him pick out a polish color and paint your toes as part of your pampering.
  • Give a massage. Be thorough with your massage. Hands, feet, legs and back all deserve attention. Ask your partner what he likes most and pay extra attention to those areas. This is a great opportunity to learn what the other person enjoys in physical touch.
  • Be flexible. Try not to have specific expectations about how you want the evening to go. If your date night doesn’t happen exactly as you planned it in your head, you’ll be left feeling disappointed. Instead, go with the flow and see where the night takes you.

Putting It All Together

Studies show the importance of physical affection in a marriage, so any way you can incorporate physical touch during date night is essential. There is no one “type” of touch that is more important than another. Instead, it’s making a connection that wins big in your marriage according to Doctors Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz.

Remember, your night doesn’t have to be extravagant. The goal is to spend quality time together enjoying one another’s company. To keep your spa night inexpensive, shop your cabinets and make the most of what you have on-hand before buying anything new. Chances are you can use nail files, lotion, scrubs and oils that you’ve already purchased.

One final tip: turn off or cover up anything that shows the time. Don’t watch the clock. Start early in the evening to give yourselves plenty of time and take it slow. Commit to enjoying your time together without thinking about anything else.

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