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Picnic in the Park

Picnic in the Park

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For a romantic, outdoorsy, and darn near free Date Night out, pack up a picnic and whisk your date off for a surprise date night at a local park.

Kick off your shoes, cozy onto a blanket, and enjoy a bountiful spread and a bottle of wine together as you watch the sunset.

Depending on the time of year and where you live, this date night might be best suited for spring and summer so you can enjoy a later sunset and greener grass together.

Finding the Right Park

For the perfect picnic park, you’ll just need a nice, flat, luscious patch of grass to put a blanket down.

This keeps your options open since the park you pick doesn’t have to have a picnic ground, per se. You don’t even need a proper table!

If it’ll be sunny at the time of year you head out for your date, look for a shadier spot by a big tree.

Make sure the park is open at your planned picnic time. Some parks close at sunset, or an hour after sunset, so check local park regulations.

Picnic Ideas

What might you pack for your picnic? Try some of these quick ideas:

  • French baguette and cheese selection
  • Crackers and dips/spreads (hummus, pate, jams)
  • Spiced, roasted nuts
  • Olives (fresh if possible, canned if you have to)
  • Dried fruit selection (apricots, prunes, mango, etc…)
  • Fresh seasonal fruits (strawberries, grapes, blueberries, and so on)
  • Chocolates, a cake, or something sweet
  • Sandwiches. Easy, make ’em at home or buy pre-made

Picnic Packing List

Beyond delicious foot to share, make sure to pack:

  • Picnic blanket
  • Bottle of Wine (if allowed in the park)
  • Wine Bottle Opener
  • Plates
  • Utensils
  • Cloth Napkins
  • Wooden cutting board
  • Cheese knife

With your supplies in hand and a park picked, head on out, leave the phones off, and enjoy your time out together, just the two of you!


This date night idea doesn’t have to just be for dinner time. You can enjoy this date night idea on a weekend date day and enjoy a picnic lunch, or… Get real fancy and pack yourself a brunch for a Sunday morning outdoors together!

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