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Partner Yoga Class

Partner Yoga Class

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Partner Yoga is a more advanced version of Yoga with complex two person poses. You and your partner work on poses together helping each other into deeper stretches.

Don’t expect your typical downward dog or sun salutation in Partner Yoga. You’ll be working on posts like Temple Pose, Twin Trees, and Double Down Dog, and enjoying stretches like Partner Twist and Partner Forward Fold.

You might even kick it up a notch to Partner Boat Pose (Navasana), Partner Forward Bend (Uttanasana), and Partner Tailor Pose (Badha Konasana).

In addition to these only-for-two-people poses, you may also work on synchronizing your breathing which has benefits beyond just the yoga mat!

Yoga together not only connects you two very physically, it also takes non-verbal communication to the next level. You’ll be stabilizing each other, making micro core adjustments to compensate for each other, and working as a team to really get into your poses.

Catch an early evening class, and then nourish your appetite with a romantic dinner out (or in!) together.

Partner Yoga vs. Acro Yoga

Is Partner Yoga the same thing as Acro Yoga?

“Partner yoga is about doing supported poses that deliver a deep stretch,” says Shape Magazine, “while acroyoga focuses more on strength, gymnastics, and acrobatics.”

Despite their differences, they’re both fantastic ways to learn, and connect with each other.

Partner Yoga Class at Home

Instead of heading out to a class, you can also take classes online (often for free) and enjoy some unsupervised partner yoga in the comfort of your own home.

Be warned, though, that an instructor brings a lot of value to the table. Your partner yoga instructor can provide corrections that you two can’t see and can help guide you more safely than you can on your own.

If this is your first time trying out partner yoga, you’ll really want the guidance of a professional.

Finding a Local Partner Yoga Class

YogaFinder has a huge directory of classes world wide.

The YogaAlliance has a directory of schools and teachers.

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