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71 Gifts to Make Him Melt

71 Gifts to Make Him Melt

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So, you want to get your man something special, but where to start? Check out our 99 Gifts to Make Him Melt here first!

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Best Men’s Clothing Gifts

1. Best Men’s Underwear

Best Men's Underwear

Time to get a little intimate… what do you say? Actually, underwear is pretty basic, and we think your man needs an upgrade. Take a look at the best brands in 2018 here.

And we LOVE that there’s not only a subscription for underwear, but a couple’s subscription on offer from MeUndies.com .

We’ve tried ’em, and have to say they’re pretty darn comfortable… And it’s kind of fun to know he’s wearing the same print!

2. Best Men’s Undershirts

Best Men's Undershirts

This is another basic gift idea for him, but again, we’re all about upgrading your guy’s every day experience…even the little things.

Plus undershirts can make a great alternative to socks when you’re trying to find Christmas stocking stuffers for him.

3. Best Men’s Socks

Best Men's Socks

His feet are important, and the closest thing to his feet are his socks. Let’s reward those piggies with some threads to die for!

Delightfully, there are some pretty cool sock subscriptions to make sock-wearing a thing. A cool thing.

Check ’em out here.

4. Best Men’s Shoes

Best Men's Shoes

Even if you man has a pair of shoes for every occasion, it’s pretty easy to upgrade these everyday necessities…

Check out this list for inspiration so you can make your man’s day…over and over and over again.

5. Best of Bespoke

Best of Bespoke

There’s only so much you can do to upgrade his experience if you’re going “off-the-shelf.”

Take it to the next level and get your man some bespoke…

Bespoke is custom tailored clothing, made just for him.

When he slips on that shirt or suit jacket, or pulls on those pants, he’ll know they were made just for him, brought to him by you.

Now, it’s best if you measure him specifically … but if you’re needing a quick hack, you can take the off-the-shelf item that fits him best and measure it instead…

Or, if you want to get really fancy, you can get a body scanner for precision!

The choice is yours, but the fit is his. Go bespoke for him…for his birthday, your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas.

Accessories for Men

6. Best Collar Stays

After you get the basics of clothing down, it comes down to the final touches…

Collar stays are an important finishing touch to a man’s dress shirt.

Plus, collar stays are perfect for personalization. Have a special note engraved to let him know just how special he is to you.

7. Best Tie Clips

Whether he’s a fan of wearing a tie or knot, when he does, he might as well dress it up a notch with a tie clip.

Another personalization option on the list, tie clips come in all sorts designs and options, so you’re sure to find something just right for his style.

8. Best Men’s Rings

The wedding band is a staple, but why not get him something extra?

This article discusses men’s rings and how to go about getting the right one for your guy.

9. Best Men’s Belts

Best Men's Belts

Fashion statements can be made in all sorts of ways. If he tucks his shirt in, a belt is practically a requirement in the men’s dress code of life.

Whether he’s dressing up a pair of jeans or trying not to drag his bespoke down, find the right message for his waistband here.

10. Best Men’s Watches

Best Men's Watches

I’m not sure there’s a better statement piece for a man than the right watch.

Now that we have cell phones, there’s really no need for a digital watch unless you’re going smartwatch (see the article below).

Get the right face and band and watch his face light up, and give all his hand gestures a little more to say.

And of course this option has all the makings for customization and personalization that will make him tick.

11. Best Cuff Links

Best Cuff Links

Another prime option for giving a personalized gift, a great pair of cuff links can be a fantastic way to make a statement that will last, while adding just the right bling to finish his look.

12. Best Ties

Best Ties

Ties are so versatile. You could go funny-or-gag gift with them, or you could coordinate one with a pocket square and truly create that put-together look for your beloved.

13. Best Men’s Bracelets

Best Men's Bracelets

Another personalization option in the men’s jewelry department is the man’s bracelet. A perfect place to store his precious metal, plus a love note from you. We dig it.

14. Best Men’s Chains

Best Men's Chains

Gold is a weight-efficient way to store wealth. And silver has a great deal of health benefits. Either one of these reasons is good enough to warrant a chain for your guy’s neck.

15. Best Men’s WalletsBest Men's Wallets


All wallets are not created equal. Get the one that protects his identity and wealth, and looks great every time he reaches for it.

16. Best Men’s Sunglasses

Best Men's Sunglasses

His eyes are at risk. Cataracts are not fun. Blind-driving into a sunset is dangerous. Upgrade his life and protects his baby blues… or browns or greens. Whatever the color of his eyes, there’s a pair for him in this list.

Grooming Gifts for Him

17. Best Men’s Shaving

A close shave is a marvel of blade technology. Snuggle up to his baby smooth mug with these kits that will make shaving a breeze for your man.

18. Best Dental Care for Men

Kissability is hugely important, and it starts with the right dental care. Make sure he’s got the best start to smooch-worthiness.

19. Best Hair Care Products for Men

Short or long, if he’s got hair then it follows that it needs care. Help him look and feel his best starting at the top.

20. Best Nail Care Kits for Men

Whether for his hands or his feet (and likely for both), taking care of his nails can be a boon to his health and his appearance. Cut ’em down, and clean ’em up with these kits to make nail care quick and easy.

21. Best Beard Products

Maybe the clean-shaven look isn’t his thing… In that case, make his beard look, feel, and even smell great. Beard confidence is a thing.

Utility Gifts for Him

22. Best Bluetooth Trackers

If your dude is always asking if you’ve seen his keys (or anything else), maybe a bluetooth tracker could save you both the hassle of going on random scavenger hunts on your way out of the door. Just sayin’.

23. Best Smartwatches for Men

It’s a more modern look than the classic watch, but a smartwatch can simplify his life and make checking your text-message-love-notes mid-meeting less obvi. Get him fired up, not fired.

24. Best Wearables for Men

Wearable technology can upgrade his fitness experience, or even serve as a monitoring tool for healthy competition. Step into this world to make his fitter bits fitter… And the other bits, too.

25. Best Pocket Knives

A handy man is only handier with the right tool in his pocket. And a pocket knife is one of those staples that’s sure to benefit from an upgrade any time of year.

26. Best Flashlights

Ever since man figured out how to carry his torch, it seems portable light has been somewhat of an obsession. Feed your guy’s need for light with a step up in lumens.

Gifts for His Office

27. Best Office Fitness Devices

Rejoice for your workaholic hubby! There’s no excuse to let it all go when you can find fitness in the office. Upgrade his habits with these products.

28. Best Office Chairs

Aching backs and stiff necks don’t deserve even an honorable mention during pillow talk. Eliminate the need, and make massages more about intimacy than relief by parking him in the right chair at the office.

29. Best Office Desks

Ergonomics is not just a buzzword, and office furniture is not just for working. Help him focus on his work and make a solid statement with the right desk.

Electronic Gifts he’ll love

30. Best Phones

Stay connected to your main man with the right technology… There are so many options out there, this list will help you figure out the right bump up for him in the chain of ever-improving smartphones.

31. Best E-Readers

There are some books he can’t put down. And now he doesn’t have to, because he can have them all in one place. Help him achieve ultimate reader status with the right e-reader.

32. Best Headphones

For the love of music (and your man), find the right pair of headphone’s for his personal blend of tracks and podcasts and help him escape the restless world.

33. Best Smart Home Devices

Man has always had the security of his home and family on his mind… Now he can have it in the palm of his hand. Help him out with one of these great smart home systems.

34. Best Tablets

When a phone is too small and a laptop too big, the right tablet can save your man’s day. Movies, doodling, and all sorts of man shenanigans can take place on these brilliant devices. Get one of these bad boys for him and make his day.

Toy/Game Gifts for Him

35. Best Gaming Conventions

That geek who stole your heart wants to bond with other geeks. Make his year and send him to a gaming convention…or two. Find the right ones here.

36. Best Gaming Merchandise

Geek pride is always made evident by the merch he’s wearing. Get in on the love of all geekiness with this gaming merch and show that geek you get him.

37. Best Gaming Accessories

As with anything in life, you need the right tools for the job. Help your gamer get the right accessories to make those gaming sessions as successful and fully satisfying as possible.

38. Best Gaming Systems

At the rate gaming technology is advancing, he could always use the latest and greatest console. Take a look at the latest and upcoming models here and help him stay at the front of the pack.

39. Best Video Games

Relevance in gaming is about what’s coming out, not what’s on the shelf… Help him freshen his library with this list of future releases.

Car Gifts for Him

40. Best Car Organizers

Even with an open moonroof in the middle of the day, it can be difficult to see all the nooks and crannies in a car when you’re trying to find something. Help your guy avoid the hassle and stay organized with these clever products.

41. Best Car Accessories

Make his ride, each and every time, with these pro accessories that add style and comfort to any trip.

42. Best Car Cleaning Products

Dirt and grime can strip his car of its status fast. Help him retain that shine and clean-car smell and pride throughout his car’s life with something from this list.

43. Best Car Scent Products

There’s a reason they always offer a scent with your car wash; it’s the quickest way to elevate your experience at the wheel. Help him achieve this state every time he opens the driver-side door with these clever hacks.

44. Best Car Sound Systems

Whether he’s a fan of Mozart or Megadeth, he’s sure to appreciate an upgrade to his sound. These sound systems can turn his commute into a concert.

Coffee Gifts He’ll Love

45. Best Coffee Beans

Serious java for your serious coffee-drinking man can help to upgrade his day, morning after morning. Try a few of these, or get him a monthly subscription.

46. Best Coffee Grinders

Grinding his own coffee beans can take drinking coffee to the next level. One step closer to the bean improves freshness, smell, and taste. Get him a grinder to help take the edge out of his daily grind.

47. Best Coffee Makers

Leaving his most important drink of the day in the hands of a barista is not a good idea. Help him achieve the perfect coffee every single morning with the right maker from this list.

48. Best Coffee Mugs

Personalize his every sip with a great mug. This classic gift never goes out of style because whether he’s for tea or coffee, hot drinks are always in.

49. Best Coffee Roasters

Roasting his own coffee is the last step before buying the farm. These roasters will help him dial in the precise flavor he’s been wanting, cup after cup.

Gifts for a Man who likes Booze

50. Best Cocktail Serving Gifts

Since it turns out that red solo cups do not in fact help you measure the alcohol in your cup (http://detroit.cbslocal.com/2012/06/15/red-solo-cup-myth-busted/), help your man get it right with the right equipment with gifts from this list.

51. Best Beer Gifts

A man and his brew. Does it get better than that? Stock him up with the best from this list. Oh! And don’t forget, beer is a great monthly club gift, too. Subscription gifts are the gifts that keep on giving…

52. Best Cocktail Trends

Whether it’s adding a bit of juice to his vodka, or it’s a complex concoction of multiple liquors, help your man keep up with the latest cocktail trends with this article.

53. Best Liquor Gifts

On-the-rocks or not, he deserves the best liquor in his glass. Help him make the most of every sip with this list.

54. Best Wine Refrigerators

Wine cellars should be mandatory and come with all housing. But since that’s not the case, help your guy keep his wine at the right temperature with a wine fridge. He’ll thank you.

Foodie Gifts

55. Best Grills

He prefers to cook things outside. Why not get him the best tools to get it done, starting with the right grill. That question was rhetorical. Of course he deserves the best in outdoor cooking.

56. Best Grilling Accessories

It’s not enough to have the right grill. Your man needs the right accessories/tools to make his outdoor grilling experience all it can be. Help him out with some accessories from this list.

57. Best Grilling Recipes

Routines and ruts are a part of life, but when he tires of the same-old same-old from the grill, help him out with some inspiration from this list of grilling recipes.

58. Best Grilling Seasoning

Spicing things up in the grilling department is as easy as buying your man some seasonings from this list. His taste buds (and yours) will forever be grateful.

59. Best Indoor Grills

Sometimes getting outside is a bit difficult. Whether for weather or apartment living, an indoor grill might be just the thing to quench his thirst for the grill experience. Check out these indoor grills to make it happen.

Travel Gift Ideas

60. Best Carry-On Luggage

The airlines have cracked down on excess baggage, and who has time to wait for baggage claim? Help him out and get him the perfect carry-on for his next trip.

61. Best Checked Luggage

Your man needs his stuff. No matter how well he can pack a bag, he might need a little extra room, and these larger suitcases are just the thing… Get him a matching set or the one piece that will do it all, and make traveling that much better for him.

62. Best Travel Gear

He’s always prepared, but is he always organized? Keep his stuff tamed when he’s on the go with these clever pieces of travel gear must-haves.

63. Best Ways to Save Travel Memories

Want to cement those vacation memories in his mind? These suggestions are just what you need.

64. Best Travel Planning Sites

Who’s the planner in your relationship? Whether you’re planning a romantic get away with him, or he’s planning your next family vacay, these sites will make the whole process more enjoyable.

65. Best Vacations

Need vacation inspiration? Give him the much needed downtime he’s been craving with these exciting destinations.

Experiences for Your Man

66. Best Theater to Watch at Home

Shows - At Home

When Netflix and chill has become Netsearch and debating him on the merits of movies or binge-watching series, try a little bit of theater straight from your living room. No babysitter required!

67. Best Art Exhibits

Art Exhibits

Deliver that one-two punch to boredom and get him out of his head with an art exhibit. Dress up and get out of the house for something a little off the beaten path.

68. Best Concerts


Headbanging or standing ovation, if he loves music there’s sure to be a concert he’d love to see. Buy tickets and surprise him the next time his favorite band/orchestra is playing. This list helps you find the right one.

69. Best Fairs/Street Fairs to Attend

Fairs/Street Fairs

If food trucks are his thing, then this is a must watch list of the upcoming fairs and street fairs to attend. Plus there’s shopping, games, and many times rides! Fun all around.

70. Best Theater Shows to See

Shows - On Stage

Movies are great, but sometimes you need a bit less CGI/editing, and a bit more human drama dramatized by humans. If that’s his thing, you’ll find the right show here.

71. Best Sporting Events to Attend

Sporting Events

Watching sports on television, no matter how big the screen, is nothing like watching them in person. Get him some tickets to the big game and watch his eyes light up! Or better yet, get him season tickets to watch him light up over and over.

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