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Couples Paint Night

Couples Paint Night

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Ready to get out of the house, pick up a glass of wine, and create something beautiful with your partner? Sounds like it’s time for you to find a local Paint Night for Couples!

At a Couples Paint Night, you two will party, drink, work on a complimentary pair of paintings together, and make memories for a lifetime.

Never picked up a brush in your life? Are one or both of of you “not into painting”? You’ll be surprised at how much fun you have learning to paint together from a professional instructor.

All skill levels are welcome, and your instructor will lead you two and the other couples in the room step by step through your creation.

Everyone’s painting is typically on theme, but your paintings are made with individual personal style and touch. Your two paintings will complement each other beautifully.

When you’re finished, you get to take your canvases with you. Find a place in your home together to display your work of Fun (not Fine) Art!

Remember, the idea is to have fun, connect, and co-create something together. You’re not setting out to create masterpieces, but you just might be amazed by what you create!

What The Experts Say

Painting helps you expressively communicate non-verbally, relax, and boosts creativity. The American Journal of Public Health published The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health, which looks at over 100 studies connecting art and health. A great summary of the research is that “The process of creating art doesn’t just make you feel better, it also creates real, physical changes inside your body.”

Finding a Local Couples Paint Night

Paint Nite is brand of Paint Night and lists all of their event around the world (including the option of hosting a private paint night!)

Groupon often has local Paint Night deals and coupons

Painting with a Twist has events all around the US including Date Nights

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