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Ballroom Dance Class

Ballroom Dance Class

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So you think you can’t dance? Think again and kick off date night with a Ballroom Dance Class together!

Dancing, and learning to dance bring you physically closer together. Your eyes meet… you feel each other breathing… and you nurture both communication and cooperative team work.

Less Stress, More Connection

Research shows that dancing makes us smarter, helps to reduce stress, increases serotonin and dopamine, and improves your sense of well-being.

So, what better way to connect with your partner? Dance!

Even if you feel like you or your partner have two left feet, dance lessons can be both inclusive and helpful showing you everything you need to know to dance the basic moves and have a good time together.

Finding Lessons

Many dance halls, country bars, and clubs offer free (or reasonably priced) dance lessons before opening up for the public later in the evening. Often what’s taught varies week to week so you can keep going back for lessons and learn something new each time!

One favorite dance lesson was run by an Argentinian dance instructor who not only taught how to dance Tango, but provided a history lesson on the origins of Tango while “dancing through history.”  This way the class learned and experienced so much more beyond just the dance moves.

Working Together

This particular tango lesson included learning how to signal to your partner with your eyes and body language from across the dance floor.

Regardless of what dance you learn, dancing together requires that the two of you to work together as a team.

While many dances have a traditional “leader” and “follower” where the “follower” takes direction from the “leader”, you don’t have to think of it as following.

Followers are interpreting the signals their partners are giving them and this kind of communication and connectedness is exactly what many of us are looking for on our date nights.

Beyond Ballroom Dance

Dance lessons also aren’t restricted to just Ballroom Dancing. Try out country line dancing, country dancing, swing dancing, and more.

You’ll come away from your dance lessons more connected, having accomplished something together, and perhaps just a little bit sweaty!

Pair this up with drinks before hand and dinner after, and you’ve got yourself a full night out!

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