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Want to Discuss the Kids and Work the Whole Night?

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Date Nights are meant for connecting. With each other.

But what do you talk about after a long week?

We can help.

Get the conversation started right with some of our fun Date Night Conversation Topics.

Latest Table Topics for Date Night

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Time Travel

If you could live during any other time period in history, when would you choose to live and why?

Tell Me Lies

Is it possible to live a normal life and not ever tell a lie?

Free Will

Is free will real or... is it just an illusion?

Time of Death

If you were given an envelope with the the time and date of your death inside, would you open it?

Stranger Lives

If sacrificing your own life would save the lives of a specific number of strangers, how many strangers would need to be saved for you to sacrifice your own life? What if the people were friends? How about family?

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